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• ABC DP Decking System

ABC DP steel decking system is rolled-formed into the profile to create a high bond between the concrete and the deck, together with the smaller ribs and flutes to enhance the product’s composite strength and rigidity. This product is used in composite design, and functions as positive reinforcement as well as permanent formwork, achieving savings in concrete and reinforcing steel. The fast and simple installation of this high strength product gives immediate access to a working platform and requires no stripping after concrete curing, saving overall construction costs and construction time significantly.

• ABC TR Floor Profiled Sheet System 

ABC also supply another new truss bars DECK panel. The diameter of truss bars upper chord is 6-14mm, lower chord diameter is 5-14mm, web diameter is 4-6.5㎜, the height of upper chord to lower chord: H=70-270㎜. There is a high rigidity space septum because truss bars with underneath of steel panel connect together. Thickness of processing is 0.4-1㎜ when use G330 galvanize panel as the bottom of panel, thickness of processing is 0.4-0.8㎜ when use G500 galvanize panel as the bottom of panel, thickness of processing is 0.4-0.7㎜ when use G550 galvanize panel as the bottom of panel. The features of DECK panel are make good use of  the bearing capacity of reinforcement metal, panel is smooth, the bottom of plate is smooth when it complete and save metal material (metal plate and reinforcement metal), economic performance is better.