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ABC Standing Seam 360 Roof Panel was an improved version from an earlier one. ABC SS360 features superior performance of weather-tightness and durability. It is a preferred choice by architects and structural engineers, as an ideal roofing solution for new buildings, as well as a retrofit solution for old, existing buildings.

1.  The roof floats on a system of sliding clip that prevents damage from thermal expansion and contraction.
2.  The panels are joined by an electric seaming machine, developing a full 360 degree rolled seam to ensure weather tightness.
3.  Factory-formed 300 degree seam leg, plus field-rolled 60 degree seam, in stead of 180 degree rolled seam to prevent coating damage
4.  Special configuration to prevent cold-bridge effect 
5.  Factory applied sealant at female leg of the panel, to provide water tightness after seam.
6.  Solutions for roof skylight, opening, pipe, etc.
7.  Class 90 wind uplift rating by USA Underwriters Laboratories, Factory Mutual approved
8.  Tested in accordance with Wind Uplift ASTM E1592, Air Infiltration ASTM E1680, Water Penetration ASTM E1646.
9.  Over 54m/s of State Key Laboratory of Disaster Reduction in Civil Engineering wind tunnel experiments.

The coverage of ABC SS360 is either 610mm (SS360A) or 465mm (SS360D). Both (SS360A and SS360D) have the same seam legs and seam type, panel shall have a configuration consisting of 51mm (2”) high (3” including seam) by 120mm (4 3/4”) wide rib. A minimum 1/4:12 roof slope is required, the biggest building roof plane width can be 100m without any expansion joint, used especially for large buildings.

ABC has special-designed mobile roll-forming machine to roll-form panels on field to achieve extra-long panel length, beyond length limits imposed by transportation, to produce large-scale integrated roofing. 

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