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• ABC TR-I Thermal Roofing System

ABC TR-I thermal roofing system consists of multi-rib metal decking, rigid insulation board, vapor barriers and field heat formed PVC waterproof material. This roof system provides high insulating performance, eliminates damage due to thermal expansion and contraction, achieves superior air-tightness and water-tightness and minimizes cold-bridge effect.

• ABC TR-II Thermal Roofing System

ABC TR-II thermal roofing system uses ABC SK-NM single metal skin composite panel, and is of the same profile as ABC SK metal composite panel, with the only difference that instead of metal skin used for the flat exterior surface of the roof, a flexible waterproof material is used. This thermal roofing system features excellent fire resistance performance, factory-formed built-in vapor barrier, quick and easy installation.

ABC TR thermal roofing system is ideal for projects that require integrity, durability and security for roofing system, such as applications in electronics, pharmacy, tobacco, food, textile, biology industries.