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Over the past decade or so, a large number of light-duty and heavy-duty metal buildings of industrial applications (plants, warehouses and other facilities) were built in China. Due to various reasons and factors, most of the above-said buildings are in an “ill” condition and functioning with illness. These buildings are, to different extent, impaired or damaged. Symptoms of “illness” are like insufficient heat preservation, leak,   condensation of moisture, damage/impairs by wind and snow, rusting, fading and peeling of coating and finish. Those are all too disturbing for building owners, which contribute to malfunctioning or poor/shabby appearance of building (and therefore poor corporate image, for image-conscious owners), or even threaten structural integrity of building and give rise to more alarming issues of safety.

The idea of “metal building doctor” by ABC aims to diagnose and cure the “malaises” or “illnesses” which are plaguing many existing metal buildings and hampering normal functions/operations and causing losses for building users/owners. With our designated specialists and expert solutions, we are positioned to offer our customers with “Metal Building Doctor” package, including the following services

1. Consulting service provides technical plan on retrofit, rebuild, and maintenance for old, existing buildings.
2. Product service provides ABC metal building system components and accessories for repairs and replacements in existing buildings.
3. Erection/installation service provides steel structure fastening, metal /traditional/conventional building roof and wall retrofit, structure/roof rebuild and repair, metal roof recoat, metal roof/wall painting, old metal building rebuild, expansion, relocation & rebuild and etc.