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ABC provides whole-process-integrated services that aim to create maximum value for customers.

Metal building comprises a set of metal components and non-metal parts and accessories. It is a combination of different parts which are of different materials, as per building design’s specifications. Due to human factors or other unexpected elments, damage or alterations to metal building system in the course of occupancy and usage are likely. Therefore appropriate maintenance and repairs of building in the process of using are needed, in order to sustain quality, structural integrity and normal function of building, and to make performance of building in line with its original design and specifications.
ABC has built in place a fully developed post-sales service program, which keeps, tracks and updates documentation (profile and record) on each customer and each project/building. Upon completion of building installation and delivery of building to end user, end user/customer will receive from us an ABC Metal Building System Maintenance Manual, as guidance and directions for proper usage and maintenance of building by owner/user. This manual offers detailed info on building use, maintenance and protection, which can be conveniently sorted out as according to component classification or key-words indexing. Also, our specialized post-sales service engineers are available to help customers to solve problems at any time. Upon customer’s call, we will respond with our feedback within 12-24 hours.

ABC is committed to offering professional post-sales services to customers throughout the whole life-cycle of metal building. What we promise our customers is our continued services, our expertise and dedication to guarantee good performance and smooth functioning of building and help our customers to achieve the maximum value of their investment.