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ABC considers field installation of PEB building actually an extension of our engineering and manufacture work and services to job site. A strong capability plus a responsible approach toward project management is a fundamental guarantee to assure  that installation of building is in compliance with ABC’s technical requirements for installation of PEB buildings. ABC strictly requires that building installation must follow ABC’s installation directions and meet ABC standards, under ABC’s project management and to be supervised by ABC’s project manager.  That principle offers the guarantee the end product, i.e., erected building for end user meets ABC standards on building quality and security.

Currently ABC has over 50 senior project managers and registered constructors working at Project Management department. Each project will be assigned a professional

project management team including an on-site project manager and internal coordination manager at office. The project manager is fully responsible for administering ABC’s erection subcontractor and supervising the erection work of project, to assure construction progress, quality, safety, environmental protection compliance, smooth cross-operation and interfacing with owner, general contractor, inspector and other construction teams.
ABC provides customers with a turn-key solution that integrates engineering, manufacture and installation management, which proves to be a viable and much recognized and acknowledged business model in China Steel Construction market. This “one-stop shopping” model is warmly embraced by customers since it greatly reduces the complexity and intensity of coordination and management work on the part of owners and give them the option, in a real sense, to just turn the key and use the building at ease.