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ABC has Class A Design Certificate for Steel Structure, and a specialized engineering and R&D department. We have 70 professional engineers (PEs), among which over 10 are National Registered Structural Engineers or U.S.-registered PEs. Our people have a good knowledge and full grasp of various PEB specifications and codes, which are predominant building specifications and standards in America, Europe and worldwide, such as BS,MBMA,AISC,AISI and so forth. We have fully developed a proprietary technical system that targets the tasks of PEB engineering, engineering optimization, and further engineering. Our engineers are empowered by ABC’s proprietary software MSA to accomplish a more efficient Computer-aided Design and Manufacture process. Besides proprietary software, our engineering people are also versed in utilization and application of main-stream commercial design software including STAAD,SAP2000,PKPM,MTS,TWCAD,STRUCAD,XSTEEL and etc.

ABC owes its competitiveness, in great part, to its flexibility, efficiency and optimization of designs for structure and cladding. Our structural engineers are not only masters in terms of structural design, but also extremely professional and skillful in cladding system design. They are intimately familiar with categories, functions, combinations and applications of different types of roof and wall panels. Therefore the building system we offer our customers is simply more human-friendly, safer and more cost-effective and features greater architectural beauty.

We also advise our customers in the following areas:
Technical consulting provides technical advices on metal building system and metal building cost analysis to improve building plan’s feasibility in terms of architecture and economics

Building plan design provides structural plan according to functionality requirements for building, helping to control construction cost from source.

Structural optimization and further engineering achieve improved drawings, safer structure, easier manufacture and construction of building.

Façade/elevation plan optimization improves building appearance, to achieve greater architectural aesthetics, yet at affordable/reasonable costs.

Erection drawing design provides optimized erection drawing to save construction cost and speed up installation of building.