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Fruitful Technology Cooperation
ABC is dedicated to collaborating and sharing resources with industry associations, academic societies and other research institutions home and abroad. The collaboration involves co-work on compilation and editing of industry standards and specifications, joint-researches and joint-publishing of academic journals and magazines, which has greatly promoted industry-wide technology applications, technical progresses and new markets development.

• Co-edited:

1.  National Technical Code for Fire Safety of Steel Structure in Buildings, Technical Specification for Steel Structure of Light-weight Buildings with Gabled Frames, Low-rise, cold-formed light-gauge Steel Framing Construction Manual,, Specification Procedures for Fabrication and Erection of Light Steel Structure, National Technical Specifications for Application of Roll-formed Metal Profiles, Cold-formed light-gauge Steel Framing for Construction purpose, Technical Specification for Multi-story and High-rise Steel Residential Buildings by Shanghai Municipality, and Technical Specification for Fabrication and Installation of Light-weight Steel Structure by Shanghai Municipality,
2.  Co-founded: “Progress in Steel Building Structures”  and “Progress and Market of Steel Structures”.
3.  Mechanical Properties Research and Structural Engineering Application on Single Side Welding of T Connection of H Shaped Steel
4.  End Plate Connection Properties Research on Alkyd or Zinc Rich Polyurethane Painting Treated High Strength Bolt Slip
5.  Connection Joint Properties Research on Non-full Penetration Weld of End Plate of H Shaped Steel
6.  Research on Integration Technology for Steel or Reinforced Concrete High-rise Residential Buildings
7.  Correspondences and Research on Integration Technology for Low-rise Residential Steel Buildings