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Complete Technical Documents
ABC metal building technical system is an organized form of documentation including engineering, manufacture, installation and post-sales maintenance and etc., which is detailed as in below:

1.  ABC technical committee & its meetings: ABC technical committee is cross-departmental panel formed by key professionals and technical personnel of ABC. Via regular meetings, it sets up an in-house workshop and R&D platform at the company. Internally, it assumes the responsibility of supervising the implementation, maintenance, revision and expansion of ABC Technical System. Externally, it takes part in compiling, editing and revision of technical standards and specifications and R&D work at national, local and industry levels.。

2.  Technical Standards on ABC metal building system: It involves the whole set of technical specifications on standard materials and accessories of ABC metal building system. It is a guidebook for designers, engineers, builders and owners to understand engineering, manufacture and application of ABC metal building system.

3.  Structural Design Manual of ABC Metal Building System: It provides first-hand data for metal building design and makes unified specifications and stipulations on structural design, to improve design efficiency and unification and standardization.

4.  Calculation Manual of ABC Metal Building System: It introduces the application of modern numerical and engineering methods in metal building design.

5.  Detailing Design Manual: It contains specifications on installation of ABC metal building structure and cladding system, offering detailing engineers guidance on erection drawing, shop-drawing, selection criteria for metal building components and accessories, and tallies on materials.

6.  Standard Erection Drawing of Metal Building System: It contains classified and standardized connection details and installation descriptions.

7.  Calculation Tool of ABC Metal Building System: It includes calculation software for all components, joints/connections, parameters of building, and tally software for materials of building, with the aim to improve design efficiency and accuracy.

8.  Standard Parts Manual of ABC Metal Building System: It defines all the standard opponents/parts’ code, drawing, material and fabrication process and PLC code.

9.  Technical Specifications on Standard Accessories of ABC Metal Building System: It defines accessories standard/brand, technical specification and parameter and etc, in accordance with company’s technical requirements and relevant national and local standards/codes.

10.  Manufacture Quality Assurance Manual of ABC Metal Building System: It stipulates on technical labeling and quality and requirement of metal building products (welded parts, cold-formed parts, panels, trims, accessories, subcontracted parts and etc.) throughout the process of manufacture to delivery. It mainly includes chapters on quality policy, standard and testing procedure of raw materials, fabrication tolerance control, welding technique, painting, package delivery and product test.

11.  A General Guide on installation of ABC Metal Building System: It makes uniform description and specification on common issues relating to quality and safety control in the process of metal building system installation, to ensure that building installation is done in a uniform approach and in conformity with technical specifications.

12.  Standard Construction Schedule of ABC Metal Building System: It’s devised in accordance with national standards, and offers guidance for site construction of metal building. It offers definitive   guidance for common-type cladding installation and suggestions for non-common types, for supplementation of Construction Schedule for non-common/special projects.

13.  Construction Safety Management of ABC Metal Building System: It contains safety-related technical and management policies devised in accordance with relevant national and local standard and regulation, which should be complied with in the process of planning construction scheme and organizing construction work.

14.  Maintenance Manual of ABC Metal Building System: It offers ABC customers references and advices on metal building maintenance and protection, which are categorized by component types and indexed by key words.