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A Rigorous Technical System
The “gene” of ABC Technology came from American Buildings Company, which was founded in 1947. In its over 60 years' course of business development, American Buildings Company had accumulated an immense engineering data-&-knowledge base. ABC's Technical System has evolved and grown into a complete, fully developed and empirically tested and proved system. The company has put in place a rigorous program to ensure that technical standards and specifications of ABC are strictly executed and implemented. The safe guard in place makes sure that without authorization, no staff members at no positions shall have rights to alter or adulterate any parts of technical codes, which offers a fundamental guarantee and assurance of the quality of ABC products and services, and the value of ABC brand.

The metal building technical system of ABC is an open and developing one. As ABC is dedicated to providing customers with quality products and satisfactory services beyond their expectations, Research & Development, deemed as backbone of ABC’s unfailing commitment and promise to customers, has always been high on ABC’s corporate agenda. We have been making great efforts to continuously introduce new building materials, techniques, products and systems, to improve, develop and enrich ABC technical system and to enhance and diversify our products and services to customers. ABC’s R&D work has been driven by market demands, as well as internal corporate growth. To date, ABC’s R&D work has produced noteworthy results: the pipeline has churned out a series of competitive new products, such as ABC composite metal curtain-wall system, metal roof retrofit system, integrated commercial building system and residential building system and etc.