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ABC FORMER Series Metal Sandwich Panel includes modified polyurethane metal sandwich panel and rock-wool metal sandwich panel. The semi-product from the production lines is flat and can be further developed in factory into different profiles to achieve great elevation/architectural effects of buildings, such as four-edge rabbet joint panel(with cut sections concealed), curved or right angle corner panel, arched panel (convex or concave in longitudinal and latitudinal directions).

The skin of an ABC Metal Sandwich Panel can be either color coated steel, stainless steel or aluminum; the surface treatment can be either flat, embossed, micro-waved or macro-waved; the color can be any pick from a color palette. It can be combine-used with single-skin metal sheet, aluminum louver, glass curtain wall or metal doors and windows.

ABC Metal Sandwich Panel is basically a structural panel with outstanding wind resistance, decorativeness, weather tightness, sound thermal and acoustical insulation. Compared with traditional cladding systems, its comprehensive performance in functionality and economics is unparalleled. Besides its application as walling and roofing for high-end industrial building, it has also been widely used for multi-storey and high-rise buildings to replace the aluminum or aluminum-alloy composite panel curtain wall, which only features good decorative attribute.


ABC began to promote quality metal sandwich panel products as early as in 1995 and to date has completed a number of projects both in China and overseas markets. Besides metal building, ABC metal sandwich panel can also be applied to traditional RC buildings or used for retrofit projects. ABC metal sandwich panel leaves the architects with yet another choice and virtually unlimited dimensions for their creativity: metallic feel, air of modernity, sleekness and coherence of structure and appearance, and great visual…