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In 1999, ABC began to introduce into China low-rise light-gauge residential building system which originated in North America. ABC further developed the steel framing-based residential building system to incorporate local features through utilizing cold-formed light-gauge steel materials. The result was a new, hybrid type of multiple-storey residential steel building system.

This brand-new RSB system employs close column frame (for multi-storey RSB) or cold-formed steel section (for low-rise RSB) as its major load-bearing elements, and steel structural partition system (close cold-formed section frame plus structural plates) for its flooring/decking, walling and roofing systems. The construction of wall system of this RSB includes (from exterior to interior) exterior finish board, exterior extruded insulation board, breathing paper, structural plate, cold-formed section steel, fiberglass filling stuffs for thermal and acoustical insulation and plaster board. This unique configuration and construction make the building breathable, able to automatically adjust to dryness and humidity, feature in energy-saving, environmental friendliness and comfortableness.

The RSB components and accessories are highly standardized and pre-fabricated in factory. Such standardization and pre-fabrication processing reduces the wet works on site and assures a rapid construction. It is the ideal solution to the state’s call for industrialization and sustainable-development of national housing project.

ABC had built several experimental RSB both in China and the overseas. Meanwhile, ABC had assisted the local authorities in compiling and editing the codes and standards for residential metal buildings. Being a passionate champion and implementer of Healthy and Modern Living, ABC is ready and committed to providing customers with an integrated solution for engineering, fabrication construction and decoration of RSB villas and multi-storey RSB.