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Out of land-space saving consideration, not only residential but also industrial applications are adopting multi-story and high-rise mode of buildings. By tapping its technical advantages in metal cladding system, ABC combines the elements of metal curtain wall, glass curtain wall, metal roofing system with multi-story & high rise steel structure, and integrate them together into a whole building package, offering customers the option of multi-story & high rising metal building. To date, ABC has built a number of multi-story & high rise buildings inside and outside China, to our customers’ recognition and acknowledgement.

ABC-MHSSB primarily utilizes steel framing, combined floor system, and metal-plus-glass claddings. Compared to conventional RC structure, this system has enormous advantages out of combination, i.e., higher level shop fabrication, shorter construction time, lighter weight of the structure, lower cost of foundation, wider clear span, more flexible partitioning, level-height reduction, usable area increase, energy saving & environmental protection, modern elevation appearance.

ABC-MHSSB features large internal space and especially suits buildings with modern architectural appearance, such as multi-story & high-rise industrial plant, office building, commercial building, educational facility, student apartment building, high-rise residential building and etc.