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ABC Manufacturing Center, Shanghai Jiading Malu

ABC is a joint venture invested by China Renaissance Industries (“CRI”, a globally operated industrial investment group) and American Buildings Company in 1994. American Buildings Company is a world leader in Pre-engineered Metal Building System (“PEMB”, or “PEB”) industry. By inheriting and further developing the whole Metal Building Technical System from American Buildings Company, ABC is now empowered and committed to providing our customers in domestic and global markets with integrated  turn-key PEMB system including quotation, design, manufacture, installation, site supervision, post-sales and other competitive services. The administrative, service and manufacturing centers of ABC are located in Gu Bei New District of Shanghai. ABC has its branches and offices distributed across China, in Chengdu, Beijing, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Shenyang, Nanjing and Urumqi, respectively.

ABC’s professional qualifications and certificates include Class A Design Certificate for China Light-weight Steel Structure Buildings, Class A Certificate for PEB Project Contracting and Certificate for Overseas Project Contracting, Certificate ISO9001:2000 and National Safe Production Permit. ABC has a fully developed technical and management team of over 300 people, including over 70 structural engineers and 50 senior project managers. Among our treasured talents are over 30 National Registered Structural Engineer, Registered Constructors, and Certified Cost Estimator, over 80 people of senior professional titles and 2 individuals serving on the Expert Panel of China Construction Metal Structure Association.

ABC Manufacturing Center, Shanghai Jiading Malu

ABC’s Shanghai Manufacturing Center has completed its Phase III renovation and expansion. The facility is equipped with 15 world-class automated production lines capable to produce full-set steel structure components, including main frame, secondary structure, single-skin panel, composite panel and full-set accessories. To supplement and expand the main-frame manufacturing capacity of our Shanghai plant, ABC also has coordinated, sub-contracted or affiliated main-frame manufacturing bases located in Zhejiang province, Sichuang province, Anhui province, Guangdong province, Beijing, Hubei province and other locations. ABC has now positioned itself to be one of the largest metal building contractors in China, with a capacity of 100,000 metric tons of steel structure per annum and 4 million square meters of paneling/cladding per annum.

The technical advantages of ABC metal building products mainly lie in the following aspects:
advanced metal building CAD-CAM system,;
advanced, FM-approved SS360 and Loc-seam panel metal roofing system
unique, patented and FM-approved double-purline metal roofing system;
patented thermo-roofing system,
metal walling system utilizing composite metal panel;
tested-and-proved standard connections;
integrated solutions for weather tightness cold bridge and hot bridge, thermal contraction and expansion strong wind resistance and etc.

ABC steel building system includes low-rise wide-span light & heavy-duty steel structure system, multi-story, high-rise steel structure system, multi-story, low-rise residential steel structure system, space-frame steel structure system, integrated commercial and residential building system and metal curtain-walling, metal roofing, roof retrofit system and etc. Typical applications include manufacture facility, warehouse, supermarket, commercial exhibition hall, entertainment facility, stadium, hangar, cold storage, low rise villa, multi-story house, standard commercial building, standard school building, industrial and mining area container-type and board-type integrated house and etc.

ABC has been pioneering and applying the concept of “Beautiful Buildings” in the conceptual and architectural designs. ABC pays a special attention to optimization of exterior façade designs to achieve architectural aesthetics for building elevation. Since entering the China market, ABC has been trying to introduce modern design concepts and architectural elements into façade designs for industrial metal buildings. Through making full use of different materials, profiles, colors and styles, ABC has been successful in achieving an innovative and bold combination and design. To date, ABC has completed a number of classical industrial and commercial buildings, among which nearly 20 construction projects have won national, provincial and municipal construction awards. With these outstanding achievements, ABC has established itself as a prestigious PEB provider in the industry and secured a leading position in high-end metal construction market.

In the mean time of business development, ABC is also committed to promoting domestic applications of advanced technologies on design, manufacture and installation of metal buildings, which were originated from North America. Through cooperation with universities in China, ABC successful promoted and propelled applications of the technologies on “single side welding”、“non-penetrated T Section welding” and “coated end plate bolt connection” throughout the China PEB industry. The applications of the technologies have contributed to a significant manufacture cost reductions and savings for the whole PEB industry in China. ABC also cooperates with universities to publish academic journals and magazines, such as Progresses in Construction Steel Structures, to push communications and cooperation on metal building technologies. ABC was the main compilers and editors for 6 editions on national codes and specifications on steel structure, which formed the corner stones of China Construction Steel Structure industry. In addition, non-profit, public welfare activities focused on technology promotions always make an indispensable part of ABC corporate image.

With its superior quality, premium service and top-grade brand, ABC has won trust and gained recognitions from dozens of Fortune 500 multinationals. Our strategic clients include Erickson, P&G, Pepsi, BAASF, DuPont, Toyota, Unilever, LG, Lucent, Exxon Mobil, Nokia, OTIS, Prologis, Nestle, Johnson & Johnson, General Motor, Wal-Mart and Siemens and etc. On the other hand, ABC has also established long-term business relationships with some renowned domestic companies such as Baosteel, Chunlan, Eastern Airlines, Huayuan Group, Southern Airlines, Tsinghua UNIS, SAIC Motor, Vanke Real Estate, Yili Dairy, FAW Motor and Sinosteel Corporation

For over a decade’s business venture in China, ABC has spread its footprints all across China; and has completed steel building projects of over 15 million square meters, of various building types, ranging from industrial buildings to low and high rise commercial & residential buildings. With the trend of globalization, since year 2000, ABC, with an eye on the international market, has been contemplating and implementing its global business strategy. To date, ABC has completed over 50 million square meters’ off-shore projects in the Middle-East, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Europe, North America and Antarctica.

ABC is committed to providing products and service which exceed customers’ expectation, which also includes maintenance and retro-fit services. Empowered by cutting age technologies and being an innovator and integrator of metal building products, ABC is positioned to be your ideal PEB turn-key solution provider, every time and all the time.